Game crash

I was recently on a flight where the game glitched out and eventually crashed on me and also gave me 2 violations.
I was able to get a screenshot which I send over as well.
Not sure what’s going on but my global serve disconnected and the entire screen went blue.
Is there a way you can please fix this? Thank you

Hey are you checked your Wifi connection? Sometimes it’s happend to me that the game crashed when my wifi is not clearly.

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That sounds like a weird error, as for the violations, if they’re level one, they can be removed if it was caused by a bug in-app. You can contact @appeals and send a replay over and they’ll review it. The app crashing is another thing, what were your graphics set too? Also did you have a strong connection?

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Yes my connection was good. It’s so weird. Literally it looked like I was just hovering while I was on final… and right at 500ft I saw the taxi violation pop up and I’m like what’s going on??? I’ll send them a message

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Important questions people, remember to ask them…

@Khail88 if you could just clarify a little more information, that would be amazing:

• What device, and what version of its operating system are you using?

• Did you download the app from an app store or elsewhere?

• Do you have a strong mobile/ WiFi signal?

• Have you experienced any crashes or lag prior to this?

• Did you receive any kind of crash message or error log?

It’s also worth noting that random, singular crashes are not uncommon and can be caused by a variety of factors, which can make them difficult to find and fix. I’d speak to appeals about the violations, but the crash could have been caused by anything, and unless it happens again it’s probably just an isolated incident.

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Thank you
I just sub,titled the inquiry with the team for review.

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