Game crash

Infinite flight crashed because I went out of the game for 5 seconds to connect to another website. Idk and it never happened. It makes me mad because I was 2 hour into my flight.

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That can happen if you’re running low on resources. Your device operating system may kill the app in that case.


But it’s never happened before! It was for literally 5 seconds. Please try to fix this soon and I’m sorry for complaining

Plus when when your on a long haul or medium haul doing something like that will make it crash because your phone or tablet can’t really do these things at the same time when IF is so powerful

We can’t fix it.
As i said - If your device is running low on available system resources, the operating system may kill any app that gets put in the background.

@Pingu - storage is irrelevant in this case :)

Best you can do, is to restart your device a bit more often.


Ok thank you for the help

Just a quick question relating to this, would the system prioritize shutting down applications that are using more resources, or would it just be based chronologically, or randomly…? Just making sure so I can prevent crashes on my end.

It usually prioritizes the more resource consuming ones. So Infinite Flight is one of the first to be killed off usually :)

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Alright, thanks Seb.

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