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I have a problem with IF app crashing. It always crashes just 2 or 3 minutes (just) before landing and it is getting kind of annoying (you’re just about to land…and then all of the sudden game just closes). I’ve tried different planes and routes and it is always the same. I’m playing on almost new S20+. Is there any “standard procedure” which usually helps to resolve this kind of problems???

Thanks for help

Could you look at both pages below and follow the steps enclosed. Cheers!

Happy Flying :)

And which processor are you running?

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Thanks, i will take a look…phone was bought in Europe, so i believe it is a exynos version

Ah ok the Exynos isn’t the best, its ok for gaming but you will find better. Good luck :)


Are you on Android 10? If you are, there’s an issue with the Exynos chip and its compatibility with Android 10. It’s Samsung’s fault and this issue is affecting other apps as well. Nevertheless, the Infinite Flight team is working on a workaround for the issue. Unfortunately there’s isn’t a ‘quick fix’ at the moment. You can find more info on this thread here:

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Yes, i’m on android 10 for a month or two now with the new Samsung…but the weird part is that the crash issue appeared just some days ago…before everything was working perfectly fine. For now, I will just reinstall the app, maybe lower the graphics a bit, and hope for the best.
Thank you again for all the information

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