Game crash!

So it’s been 4 days. I have not been able to do a single flight. Last night I leasable to take off and get to cruising altitude and some how the game managed to crash again and I see a violation for aerobics??? What the heck is that??? Didn’t even know that was a thing.

Tree another flight and AGAIN the game crashed!!
Truly I don’t care when you fix it, but I do want my money back for this month. Maybe I’ll renew when the game actually works or when I get what I paid for. But this is VERY annoying.
I get you guys are working to fix the problem but are you actually doing so?? Because if for four days I’m. It a me to use what I’m paying for that warrants a refund. Please fix this now. I will be contact I’m gonna whoever I can repeatedly to make sure that’s get this. Because I’m tired of this nonsense.


Have you tried turning down your settings to see if that helps with your crashes?

If you have received a violation as a result of a bug/glitch, contact a moderator regarding that issue. Please be aware that violations are almost never reversed, and you have to be able to prove the violation was caused by a bug or glitch beyond your control.

As for you wanting a refund, FDS are unable to process refunds on their end. If you would like to pursue a refund on your subscription for this month, the correct course of action would be to contact your respective App Store. Nobody here can make any guarantees about whether you will or won’t receive a refund, that’s down to your respective app store’s refund policy and your case with them specifically.

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There has been a hotfix update pushed out today by the devs. Once the update is out and you test it, please let me know if it works better.

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