Game crash

I was just flying KSFO-KSEA in the Alaska Airlines a320 livery, I was about 50 minutes into the flight with about 20 minutes left, when the game crashed. Can the devs look into this please?

This has been an issue since 19.4 last December. It’s hopefully being fixed in 20.1. For the time being, you can point the tail cam at the sky, which prevents the memory leak caused by the scenery.

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I will try this the next time I fly, thank you.

I feel you on this. I’ve had my app freeze enough that I didn’t even make it to the runway to take off on 3 separate occasions.

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dang, this crash sucks, it’s only worse, because this is a very short haul flight, I am hoping when the update comes I can do short and long hauls without a crash

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