Game Crash

I do understand how game crashes, but I had a very odd experience right now. The game was running well smooth, and then it just crashed. I thought I did everything so this wouldn’t happen but it has. What ways can I prevent this.


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Could it be to do with airways because I do use airways in my FPL, however I could use it at the start and it was running very smooth.


This is a known issue. Usually after an hour and a half of flying with a FPL the simulator will crash. I’m sure the developers are working on a fix that’ll hopefully come in the next update.

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@Captain_Cign - at what point in your session did this happen? There is an issue with airways, that’s known. But those should occur when adding the runway to your flight plan, not after…

Game crashes are very common in all of our devices. Just take a look if you have the following:

Extra Information:

  • Make sure you have enough storage. You must have atleast 1Gb of storage free when running IF.

  • Sometimes devices do crash in busy airports, like two days ago my iPad was running fine but suddenly crashed after landing in a bust airspace.

  • Please reduce your graphic options if the issue continues to proceed.

  • Please Restart your device before performing any flight.

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No you don’t :)

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Changed it. One Gigabyte should do. I changed it to two before to make sure the storage won’t pile up in a busy airspace.

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@schyllberg I was looking at approach atc to see if I could contact them. About 90nm out.

Okay! Then you can ignore the flight plan issue, it’s not related.
Is it a recurring issue or have it only been happening this once?

Is happened maybe 2 times before. Maybe it was a fluke. So can I use airways or should I stay of them??

Okay, i wouldn’t be to worried about it then.
You can ignore airways. They don’t exists in the app so even if you add them, nothing will happen.

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Ok thank you!!

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