Game crash

Hey guys! hoping you’re having a great day. I wanted to ask about a small thing, is it possible that the game could crash because of wifi disconnecting ?
thanks as always.

Yes. It has happened to me on numerous occasions unfortunately. So make sure you are on a strong Wi-Fi connection!

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Yes, Infinite Flight is a WiFi connected game. If not on WiFi, the game will crash and/or disconnect.

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oh okay, i did not know that. thank you for the help.

For what I know, the game crashes after a long time without connection because terrain loads only until a certain range (and stops loading if connection is lost). When the plane reaches and crosses this “border” the game crashes.
Happened to me multiple times overnight,
Phoning to my provider and complain for 220kb/s to 0 drop didn’t help. Sadly.

for me it works random(i used the powerful wi fi(then crashed))

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