Game Crash

Good Day Gentlemen!
It has come to my attention that my game is continuously crashing. Every time I start a flight and then come back to it for descent, all I see is a black screen and realize that the game has crashed again. I further investigated and noticed a pattern. The previous flights I have done, it always crashed at around 1 hour to 1 hour and 50 minutes in. Usually on the earlier side.
Device. iPad Pro
Version: Latest
Any suggestions on what to do would be amazing!
Thank you!


What solutions have you tried so far?
Just to make sure, what iOS version does your iPad have? Make sure to have iOS 11.4!

If you haven’t already make sure your device has iOS 11.4

My device does have IOS 4. I have not tried anything yet. Was wondering what suggestions I can get on what to do.

Actually, my apologies gentlemen! I just checked and I did have an update waiting for me which was IOS 8.4. I’m updating at this moment.

Okay that may fix the issue. If not let us know

Sounds good! Thanks for the help gentlemen!

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Had the same issue earlier. Everything is good after the update. So you should be good!