Game Crash

This is a not so important support topic, but it was an interesting find. When everything is still connecting and I click on my username, then onto my grade level, the game crashes.

iOS: 11.2
IF version: latest

How to reproduce:
Open IF so it goes through the whole loading and connecting process
Click Solo while the map is loading
Click onto your username in the top right corner
Click onto your grade level, the i


Perhaps wait for it to load before clicking on it and see how that goes? If not, reinstall the app!

Hope you respond to this in a timely manner,

Have you checked if reinstalling the app solves the bug?

Yeah, waiting for it to load works, it’s just that I wonder why it crashes the whole when it’s still connecting.

Well, Everything is loading up and being set up to run smoothly. It’s just not a right time to be fidling with things while the app is connecting, if the issue becomes more serious reinstall the app.

Are you able to replicate this or is it only me?

Replicated and same issue happens to me, just have to wait it out and let the app connect and not rush things ;).

Ok thanks, so it’s not only me.

Im going to reinstall the app, and see if that solves it. One moment.

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Ok reinstalled the app, and I did the same thing and no crash! Tada ;)

Warm Regards,


Warm Thanks… ;)