Game crash, wondering if storage is a factor

Hi, I run Infinite Flight on a Samsung S22 (Android 13), which I thought was more than capable to run the game. However, there is about a 30-40% probability that the game crashes mid-flight.

I played around with the graphics settings (even turning them all down to low), but the probability doesn’t seem to change (no idea about aircraft count though, I left it on high but there were not a lot of aircraft in the airspace when the game crashed). I also close all apps except IFAssistant. The only issue I can think of is the amount of remaining storage in my phone, which is around 30gb.

Does anyone know if the amount of remaining storage plays a part in game crashes? Or does anyone have any other idea why the crashes are happening? Hugely appreciate it if anyone may have any ideas, thanks!

Try clearing your cache that might help

It does.
May I ask how much you have available now?

Would it be an issue for all devices or?

I assume it is.

I had around 30gb available.

Oh I do that often, as well as restarting my phone before a long haul flight, doesn’t seem to help unfortunately.

I think with that much storage left, it should be OK. You could try deleting old replays though.

Well I thought it would be ok too, haha.
Yea I do delete old replays. In the meantime, until I manage to find a fix or any of y’all have more ideas, I’ll just squeeze out whatever remaining storage I can and keep my graphics settings on low.

Thanks a lot guys~

Edit: I’l also remove my phone case just in case it could be an overheating issue, heard that it helps so no harm trying I guess

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