Game crash when trying to load the app onto iPhonex

I tried downloading the app again but it is still having the problem it crashes right when I open the app

Make sure you close all apps in the background and it’s always good to reboot your device.

We did you delete the app in the first place?

Because it kept on crashing upon opening it

That’s why I re downloaded it

There isn’t really a reason why it should be crashing after you have reinstalled the app and closed it down before opening it again. Make sure you are using the latest version of iOS and your phone is backed up to a computer within the last week. If else, it seems like it could be an issue with the phone.

Have you tried shutting everything down and fully powering down your device?

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Hello! I have the same device as you and I am not able to reproduce your issue… May I ask, what iOS are you running on?

The problem is resolved thanks

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