Game crash when changing camera view

Had the same thing. Don’t switch the view to “tower view” above the Atlantic… ruined my flight.

Yeah tower view after the global update is extremely glitchy for me as well.

There are other threads related to this problem. It is not new since update.
This happens to me using LIve Connect.
Windows 10 PC
Android 7 Nvidia Tablet.
Thrustmaster HOTAS X

I too have my game crash when I was changing the camera view. But mine was from the cockpit to the scenic view. It was on scenic and suddenly the game froze, then just crashes and I loose my entire flight.

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I won’t play IF for a long time now😡😡😡 game crashed when arriving at Dubai from Dallas. 14 hours wasted

Your hours are logged continuously. Meaning they are logged until the time you crash. If you create a support topic and provide us helpful information such as device, software version, app version, and anything else that could help us help you, we might be able to narrow down why you’re crashing. Thanks.


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