Game crash when changing camera view

Whenever I change the camera view when I am doing a flight, the game crashes, this has happened since the new update ever came out in December 2017. Any advice?

Make sure your devices RAM is clear, this is done by holding the power button down until a slider appears. (IOS)
EDIT: and what camera view were you changing to?

What device do you have? OS?

My device I am using is a iPhone 6.

I was changing the camera view to cockpit.

Hi! Thanks for reaching out on the forum today. We are here to help you out.

Please take the following steps in order:

  • Delete Infinite Flight
  • Clear your RAM
  • Power down your device
  • Wait one minute, power back on
  • Download Infinite Flight again

This should fix your problem. If not, please return here and let us know.


Follow what @JRRaviation posted above

Thanks for your advice, we followed your steps, but the problem did not go away, any followup thoughts? Is it a glitch?

Which airplane are you using? Are you on iOS 11.2?

The airplane I am using is the Airbus A380-800. I am not on iOS 11.2.

Can you go ahead and update your device to iOS 11.2? Thanks.

Ok, so I looked at the minimum device requirements and your device is supported but on the lower end of the spectrum of support. But should still be able to support it, what are your graphic setting as that can cause some issues?

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You could also turn the graphics to low which helps with your situation.

My graphic setting for all the options is high.

That is probably why, some devices can’t handle the high graphics

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Thanks for the information.

I tried low and medium, but it kept crashing, any other thoughts?

Has your device had any water damage? Is it jailbroken?

I also experience the same problem occasionally. It happens mostly on bigger planes like the 747 and a380. I can reproduce it a majority of the time by going into the cockpit view and zooming in and out.

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Since it’s the cockpit view… I believe I read somewhere that a mini map may cause some problems after the ‘Global’ update and I’m not sure if it’d been resolved. Try using the cockpit view without the map.

It happens with and without the mini map.