Game crash upon landing

I have the latest ios15.1 and when I fly it’s fine but when I’m on final just about to land the game crashes. It’s happened consistently for a few times now. What could I do to fix this?

What device are you using?

iPad Air 2 Ios 15.01

The iPad Air 2 is a fairly dated device, and with the current demands that the games has, having your settings in anything other than the absolute minimum might be causing some issues. Not to mention, older devices are more prone to overheating, which in itself might be one of the reasons as to why you might be experiencing crashes; your device turning off Infinite Flight as a form of thermal protection, for example.

Please do provide more information on the state of your app such as the app version, as well as the graphics settings and anything else that you might think would be of note, so that we can help pinpoint the cause of the crashes.

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Apologies for my late response, the graphics are on high and it was fine. I downloaded the new IOS 15.1. The game runs smooth just up until landing

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