Game Crash, Tower Fault

Yes, I know.
I was just pointing out that you can’t technically ‘cross’ a runaway.
If I were you next time I would just re-ask for takeoff.

yeah that what happened but that’s not acceptable they are increasing the violations and reports now I can’t access expert



can you mention what prevents me from accessing expert server please ?

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It won’t prevent you from accessing it.
You will have to wait a week for your violations to go.
You cannot get reported on Training.

what about the report thing ? 1 years 2 years ?

Ok everyone calm down.

  • tower can not hand out violations
  • nobody can report anyone on the training server
  • if you enter the runway while on unicom you can get a violation if you sit there too long.

Some of this should be discussed via pm


That is if you get reported on Expert Server.

so the number of report on my current grade what does that mean ?

Please share a screen shot of your grade table. I believe you may he confusing violations vs reports.



it’s all good.
It’s irrelevant to this topic.

You dont sem to have any violations. You’re all good.

You need more XP and landings.
I’d suggest do some long-hauls or pattern work.

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shared so am good ? I can access when I finish 40 XP ?

Yes that is true 🙂

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You just need more landings and more xp to make it to grade three. You have no reports or violations

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you’re all very helpful thank youuuuuu

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Yes, But you need 2 more landings.

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Yes, you need to achieve 50 landings and 40,000xp and then you will have access to the expert server.