Game Crash, Tower Fault

I was holding in the pattern runway x but EGLL Tower always goes off and on off and on why ? and also when the tower told to cross runway I crossed and lined up game gave me violation because I waited on the runway although the tower asked me to cross it and the game suddenly crashed and through me out why ?

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This was on training server correct?

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yes tower told me to cross and when I crossed told me to expedite and than the game gave me warning how’s that ?

Me too the game crash using a device with 4 GB RAM

If this is on training we can’t do not much we can do about it, ATC aren’t experienced there.

Okay…ATC told you to cross the runway and you lined up on the runway ? and got violation because you was on there to long ?

sounds like pilot error


Let me get this straight. You received a violation while holding position on the runway? That only happens if there’s no frequency and your on Unicom I believe. But it’s training server, you can’t do much about the whole situation.

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Also if your game crashes make sure your Graphics are suitable for the amount of planes.

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yes although they asked me too ! that’s not professional from them

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They are ‘Training’. You can’t expect quality out of them since they could literally be a brand-new grade 2.

yeah but this game fault is preventing me from getting closer to expert server by creating reports and violations for me

When the pilot asks you to cross the runway… that means cross the runway ? not line up and wait on the runway??

Either you was wrong or have explained it wrong

Getting slightly confused here

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what is the reports than privets me from accessing expert server if I reached everything ?

I don’t think you should of received a violation unless tower went off frequency and you were holding for longer than 60 seconds on Unicom. This is getting a bit confusing 😂

Wait, this is EGLL.
You can’t ‘cross a runaway’ at EGLL.

dude that’s what happened they went off while am waiting :P

No, It doesn’t

they told me dude am sure !

Controller must have forgot to clear him for takeoff and he obeyed the rules hoping someone would give him the takeoff instruction this is what it sounds like seems very unfortunate…

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Can you possibly share us your video file of this violation ?. Can PM me

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