Game crash ruins 10 hour flight

So sick of these game crashes it’s happening constantly now and the new update was supposed to stop this happening week apparently that was a lie because it’s happening just as frequent as before GET IT SORTED OUT

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Try lowering your graphics settings and lowering your device temperature.


Sorry to hear.
I great place to start is here:

Generally, our crash rate over the past few updates have greatly improved. It will most likely never be 0% but it’s a whole lot better than it’s ever been :)

Additionally, sharing device information such as make, model etc is quite crucial.


I have a 2022 iPad with 64gb of storage does this help

It happened at KSFO on final where it has congested airspace

It happened to me yesterday, happens a lot at busy airports.
But it’s fine. Flight resume exists

Same problem here. I was merely taxiing at KSFO and the app just quits. No warning, nothing. Been happening much more frequently at heavy populated airports. Not sure what the cause is?

Two things that is highly recommended if you’re experiencing crashes on final.

  1. Make sure to restart your device more often. I personally do it before every longer flight i do.
  2. Lower airplane count & 3D object density. If your device is equipped with a lower amount of RAM (<4GB), this is something that has quite an impact.

Ok thanks for the help just a bit frustrating when these things happen hopefully no offence was taken was just ranting lol