Game Crash problem

Hi all.
I wanted to bring up a problem which started occurring to me only after the 20.1 update. What happens is very simple; I just get kicked out of the game. There are no signs that it will/could happen beforehand, and when I enter the game again it brings me to the home screen. I doubt that it is an issue with my device. Is there anyone else who is having the same problem? Is there a solution to the problem? What should I do next, as I can no longer enjoy flying in Infinite Flight.

Edit: thanks for all the help!


This is a known issue and they’re working on it, also maybe because of the servers overloading…


Hello sir , the developers are aware of the problems and issue sof new update and are trying to fix it as soon as possible.,…I can recommend u to fly in areas with lesser traffic on aircrafts other than th new 777 and 737 until the issues are solved…nothing else cannot be doen,devs are working hard… :))


Do you get kicked out of the game after entering a live server or just when you first enter the game?

Crash fixes will come in a hotfix shortly. Thanks!