Game Crash on Final

Landing an overnight flight in B747 and disconnected the AP was about 3 nm from touch down and the game just quit. Lots of memory. Fresh install of the game two days ago. With about two short replays in the library. What is wrong with the stability of your game?


This has happened to me several times. It’s difficult to explain, but i guess it happens when the flight poly is high.

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Happens to me in cramped airspace. Lots of planes to render especially if ATC is being used too. idk. It’s annoying though.

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This has happened a concerning amount of times

I recommend turning down graphics settings to low. Doesn’t look as good, but certainly fixes the crashes.

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Whats your device ?

It happens all the time, really annoying when I’m on final or have just landed and the destination is set as unknown


From experience I’ve totally deleted and re downloaded the game with low settings in place and still crashes so I just stay to 4 hour flights at most. Any longer and in cramped airspace and I’m wasting time

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IPad 7th generation

3rd time is the charm! For future reference, app technical support content should be placed in the #support category. Thanks!

Check this out for more info on what’s being done about this:

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@Stoicgamer89 I understand your frustration, just to put you at ease. We (other pilots) have submitted some info to support on the issue at hand. They’re currently looking at the cause of these crashes especially on iOs. Am sure if you go through some complaints on crashes you’ll note that it’s mostly on iOs devices.
I personally have done almost everything stated - as a resolution- in trying to resolve the problem, however it still persists. My last flight which was yesterday, I flew out of EDDM (controlled airspace) to KLAX (uncontrolled airspace) my app crashed on final, there were just 2aircrafts on the ground and 2behind me.
Why this happened, I don’t know as it is the first time it happened when landing in an uncontrolled airport.

What I have resorted to doing (as my solution) in the meantime whilst the support team is still working on the issue, is to fly out of the controlled airport into uncontrolled one. (obviously the KLAX incident was the first one that I have experienced)

Hope this helps in some way.

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