Game crash on final

This morning I was flying into EGKK (London Gatwick) and the game crashed on short final, how did this happened?

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It’s quite hard to say what happened with little to no information about device, online/solo, graphics etc :)
But apps can crash, it happens for every app at some point. The most important is that it’s not a recurring issue.

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It is Avery new iPad but I don’t know the rest.

Had graphics on high FPS on 30 on every thing else on high

Was it a one time thing or does this happen to you often?

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I think it happened one other time.

Probably also depends how long you were flying or graphics.

Maybe but I’ve flown longer with better graphics

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I suggest during long hauls, put the graphics too low. For short hauls I understand keeping it on high for the whole flight.

Not rare mate. Been dealing with this issue for the past threee long hauls. But not crash. 1 crash, 2overheat, 1 internet not connecting

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Sometimes crashes happen because of low storage.

Could you check and see how much storage is left on your device?

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