Game Crash on Delta Airlines ATL-MIA

Hello folks, as I was getting near Miami on this connection flight from Atlanta on Delta A321 Flight 1374, the game had crashed. I had the music on and I was descending to get to Miami and then the annoying thing has happened which is that the game cut off for no reason. I have an iPhone 6S and I had low rendering quality and everything else on high including 3D quality. I had a solution to this problem cuz this game keeps on crashing like this and it is so annoying. Thank You

This will not work on an iPhone 6S.
Haven’t we discussed this in your previous topics? :)

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Yes sir, we have discussed it and I lowered the rendering quality on low and everything else except the 3D building quality once I reach cruising altitude

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You’ll need to lower the others as well. I get that it sucks, but as i understand it you have a more powerful device on the way :)

As i said back then:

You may need to lower all of your graphics to low since the hardware in the 6s is not as good as the newer devices since the game has enhanced so much. I would reccomend lowering your settings for graphics, or to get a new phone that can run IF better.

Yeah and that’s why I’m waiting for the iPad to arrive so I can go pick up. It will be in stores in two weeks. Nothing happened, like the game did not crash when I had lowered the rendering quality and textures except the 3D rendering which was left on high.

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