Game Crash Making It Unplayable

Hello Dear Developers,
I have read in the forum before that the game kept crashing in long haul flights after the last update.
But this issue has been highly undermining the fun. I know that all developers are doing their best to make IF a great experience but this issue has to be addressed urgently.
My last 5 long haul flights crashed around 1-2 hours before landing.
Last night, I was flying from CYYZ to OMDB and I flew 12 hours without any incidents. Game crashed when there was only 50 minutes left to land.

I have started considering canceling my online subscription because I feel like I am not getting the service that I have been paying for years.

In the previous years, there were no crashing problems. I used to fly around 15-20 hours. So I believe that we can get back to that. I have also tried setting all of the live/graphic settings to minimum but it did not work out.

Hope you can solve this issue soon.

Wishing everyone health during these hard days


Have a look at this thread :)

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Well, you said some years ago it worked for you, but right now it do not handle the descent and approach phase. Maybe this thread could help you finding the performance of your device related to IF

Also, as it has to do with the support category and your issues are also related with new update 19.4, you may read this general topic to see if has to do with any of malfunction reason


My app has just crashed after a 45 minute flight hop just before landing :/ I’ve used every method given. Hopefully it gets resolved soon

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What I do is I do a soft restart, close my apps and restrict any background processing from other apps. It helps my game run smooth and have enough ram left.

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Have you tried to use the camera workaround?

On long-haul flights, switch your camera to one of the following:

By doing so, you will prevent the app from downloading scenery which is causing the problem in the first place. Try it out, many have reported that it helps them drastically.

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