Game crash for no obvious reason

I was climbing out of SBGR in a LATAM A320 when my game just crashed

iOS: 14.3
Infinite flight version: 20.3.3

I had my graphics to to best and airplane count on the highest. That didn’t cause the crash bc 1. It wasn’t laggy at all when on the ground, 2. When climbing out I wasn’t ok a 50nm radius of any plane it was just me, and 3. I always have the best settings even in airports like KLAX when there is IFATC it never crashes. So I don’t know why this happened?

Please check this

i think…

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But this is for the atc voice problem so I don’t think that’s it. But I also wasn’t able to hear atc but ok that’s a known problem

I think the stockage

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Wdym the stockage

I think so to

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What is stockage pls

Place in your phone

You mean Storage?

Well storage isn’t a problem

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My XS Max have a hard time to cope with these settings at times.

I would strongly advice you to lower them. Even if it’s not laggy initially, a hard crash can occur without any indication before if the system runs out of resources.

Lower the settings a bit, and restart your device a bit more often and you shouldn’t have to worry.


Ok I will. One more question I was away from the airport and there wasn’t any plane near me. Could that still effect me?

Yes it can.

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Ok thank you. And thank everyone for taking time to help me. If this happens again after I do what you tell me I’ll make another topic