Game crash at Frankfurt

This is the second time in 2 days that my IPadOS 15.2.1 has crashed and I don’t know why. Pls help.

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Without more details im kinda stuck. Did you get an error code or was it just where your game went black screen/closed? Is it when your doing something specific or does it vary?

Which model of IPad do you use?

It don’t know what model, but the game crashed and went to home.

Does it have a home button or do you swipe up to go home

No I didn’t do anything

Was the airport busy? I can’t fly to active airports because my phone crashes when it’s busy, it might be that.

It wasn’t that busy

I was asking about your iPad not if you did anything.

It has both

Ok… How long have you had this device?

To my knowledge there isnt an iPad that has both the home button and the swipe up feature.On iPhones for example, the 8 was the last one with the physical button and it was removed on the X for the swipe feature.

If your device is older than 4 or 5 years, it may be a performance issue related to your device and id recommend turning down the rendering quality, aircraft count, etc…

4-5 months

Here is avid of me doing both

The ipad 8th generation has both a home button and a swipe up feature. I use that ipad also, and exclusively for infinite flight. I also experienced a game crash on final at EGLL just now


It probably is the 8th gen

Yes it is!

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Thanks for the insight on that. The devs are currently looking into some performance related problems from what I hear, and hopefully if/whenever they do release a hotfix it will resolve the problems your having.

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