Game crash after toggling WiFi on/off

Does toggling the WiFi on/off to improve connectivity normally cause the app to crash? I’ve done it a lot of times without problem. Also, ever since the last update, I’ve experienced 2 crashes, the first in 2 years of using this device for IF.

Device: Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
Operating system: Android 13

Does that work?

Let me try on the Tab S8 Ultra if it causes a crash.

Like this:

Here it doesn’t cause a crash.
The live server icon turns green again after a few seconds.

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Hey, did both of your crashes happen after you toggled WiFi?

Yes like this. And as I mentioned, I’ve always done that. It’s only today that it caused a crash.

First one was completely random before the hotfix. Second one is this one I’m describing. The “global server” connection was flickering. So I turned off the WiFi and turned it back on (usually works) but as soon as I did, the game crashed. Over 2GB free RAM and only IF running.

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Thanks for the info! We’re trying to track this down so the extra information helps


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