Game crash after 8-9 hour of a long haul flight

My phone is a s9+ (snapdragon 845 version). It behave normal before I sleep when doing a long haul flight. When I wake up and try to unlock the screen lock (in game mode, won't sleep the device) the whole game freeze and I can't continue my flight. I got this phone few days ago and hope it can give me a good experience, but it is more worst than my old phone. ![Screenshot_20201204-102852_Device care|291x600](upload://pOCT2vutzw1XR6zkIncj6QzE3NX.jpeg)
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make sure you clean out your Senery catch in settings

Go ahead and give your phone a soft restart

turn down your graphics and airplane count, this will help a lot

There are a few crashing issues with SamSungs

Be sure to turn your brightness down! Phones turn off when they overheat

Sometimes if you phone is plug in but it is not charging, and your phone dies, this happen to me a few times before

hope this helps out!

Doesn’t really fix app crashes…

Hey Jimmy, sorry that this happened, it’s really unfortunate. However, you can do some simple steps in the future, such as restarting your device before starting your flight, clearing the background of any apps, lowering your brightness setting, and potentially placing your device on a cool surface (overheating). If the problem persists, please do not hesitate to let us know. Thanks!

I have tried to use all low setting and the problem still occur. There is a function of samsung game mode which can dim your screen brightness to very low and I have tried to use that.

Hmmm can you try it without using the screen lock? And also like the others have said, restart your device before flying…

I have try all of the method on the last night flight, except dont use screen lock and disable battery saving

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Ahh okay! Try disabling the screen lock and the battery saver. And let us know if that works 🙂

But i love screen lock lol. it can dim the screen to no brightness

Ahhh lol! I’m just checking what is causing the problem here. That’s why I asked you to try disabling the screen lock and the battery saver.

Anyway, i will try it tonight

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Awesome! Let us know what happens after that! Thankyou:)

Where were you flying to?

last night is RCTP-KLAX (777-300ER)
the night before is VHHH-PANC (777F)
and the December 2 flight is RJAA-CYVR (777-300ER) (Crash my system, force shut down required)
with infinite passenger and infinite flight assistance ( i disable that on VHHH-PANC flight so it is not the problem)
this is all fight since I got the phone

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Hmmmm… it seems like there is a pattern of games crashing over large bodies of water. Crashes seem to happen a lot over the Pacific Ocean and Persian Gulf. What were your graphic settings on?

the first two flight is all high and enabled anti-aliasing
last flight is all low and without anti-aliasing

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I don’t know what happened then. If it was on low, the app would lag less…

and it wont crash in the first few hour of the flight (before i sleep)

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I don’t know it is the “power saving while locked” problem, will it overwrite the setting of infinite flight? I didn’t disable that on these three flights. There isn’t have this option on my old phone.

updated plane series

Curious as to why your phone slept… it would freeze up because your phone went to sleep and so it probably put IF into a semi-dead state because the phone was asleep and I presume you left it in that state for a while.

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