Game crash a Kai tak

I have an IPadOS 15.2.1 that can easily run the game but when I was flying into Kai Tak the game crashed. Usually it only crashes in a crowded airspace but for some reason when I was on the best approach I could imagine the game crashed. What, happened?

iPad 10th Generation doesn’t exist yet. Or are you referring to the screen size?

Regardless, you may want to lower airplane count. Busy airports have been crashing games since the update

I believe this is a game-wide issue, and I think a ton of people are experiencing crashing like that, me included

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This right here. I’ve seen at least 5 topics about it. Don’t blame everything on the more than capable devices.

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I dont know maybe im wrong

you could always go to settings → general → about and find the model name and it’ll tell you what iPad you got

Yeah I edited it and put the edition in the topic

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