Game crash 20.1 update

I had 2 times game crashes since the update came out yesterday I tried restarting my phone still happens

I use Samsung a10 with 2gb ram on it
im not sure what to do to fix this problem please help

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2GB of RAM is not a lot. Also Im not sure if the issues with the S10 were fixed in this update.

Edit: It wasn’t

Also the servers were really laggy

It will take only a few days for the servers to calm down.

@Infinite_flight_play I would keep this in mind

alright thx

is 3 GB Ram enough?

Should be!

I think its because of the server because I spawn somewhere empty in casual and so far no crash

Hello, this seems to be a common issue with a wide variety of users including myself. I reduced my aircraft count and made sure to limit frame rate and so far so good. If you haven’t yet tried this I suggest to do so for now.


thank you for the info


That’s an A10 not an S10, S10 is a flagship device while the A10 is an entrylevel device

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