Game Continuously Crashing

Hey IFC, recently I have been noticing that my game has been crashing all the time. It started yesterday when I was on final and the app suddenly closed. At first I thought it was a one time thing, until earlier today I was doing some pattern work, and the game crashed once again. I spawned back in and under 2 minutes of taking off the game crashes once again. Is there any reason this is happening, since in the past this has never happened before. Also, when I play Infinite Flight no other apps are running in the background. Thank you!


To help us further assist you, what device and graphic settings do you use?


Hey there!

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing these crashes, however, could you please provide us with a little more detail on these crashes, such as your device model, graphics settings and any attempts you might have taken to try and mitigate these issues.

It is possible that with a slightly more dated device, that your app doesn’t function as well, so getting to know these parameters would help us determine the cause of these crashes, as well as the appropriate steps to be taken from here.


I am currently on iPadOS 14.8.1, and on settings it says that my iPad is up to date. When I play IF my graphics settings are usually on high.

What about the iPad model? As far as I know, there are many iPads that can support the OS that you’ve just mentioned.

the iPad model name is is iPad 6th Generation

What graphics settings do you use?

They are on high

Just doing a quick search on Google has shown me that the iPad 6th Generation was released in early 2018, which means that your device is approximately 3 years old by now.

While the device in itself is still pretty powerful, recent updates to Infinite Flight has made it much more demanding, and with a device that’s about 3 years old, keeping all your settings on high might start to cause some issues.

Is your device getting hot? This might also be another factor in causing your game to crash.

It does not get hot often during flights, unless its a really long flight (18 hrs plus). The flight that my game crashed on was about 8 hours long

Yeah - too high. The iPad 6 Gen is approaching 4 years old (released March 2018) so turning settings down to Medium, maybe Low should help.

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Hmm alright thanks

I would still advise you to lower your graphics settings to medium or even low, as well as decreasing your airplane count from high to medium or low as well. Your device is starting to become dated, and while you should still be able to fly on Infinite Flight without too many issues, turning your device settings down to medium or low should help you with mitigating the risk of any crashes.

Okay I will do that next time I fly, thanks both of you! One more question, do you think that if I get the newest up to date iPad, will I be able to run Infinite Flight with high graphics?

The newest iPad should be more than able to handle Infinite Flight with high graphics settings. However, I don’t own the newest iPad which is why I would recommend you take a look at this thread that @Kirito_77 has put together.

Chances are the device that you’re looking for would be listed on it, so you shouldn’t have too much of an issue looking for the device you’re interested in.

Not to mention, while the thread does state that the settings are based on the 21.2 update, I don’t think the graphics and processing demands are too dissimilar to today’s standards.

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Okay, thank you a lot!

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I just had the same problem in WSSS! My smartphone is a Redmi note 8 Pro with 128gb rom, 6gb ram and Android 10!

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