Game continues to close

I haven’t had any problems until now. Infinite closes itself after giving me the message that my device is low on memory. So to ensure that this wouldn’t happen again, I went over and above and deleted the game, reinstalled, shut my iPad off for 10 minutes, rebooted, opened infinite flight, all setting on low, limit frame rate was on, anti analyzing was off and the game still somehow found a way to close itself after giving me the message that my device memory was low.

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What device are you using?

And how much storage have you actually got left on your device?

Clearing replays might help 🤠

@Ecoops123 replays don’t use up RAM. @Silver_Ace Sounds like a RAM issue, as asked what device are you using? Is it up to date?

I use an iPad Air 2 and it runs on the latest version of iOS 13

I Pad Air 2’s are old devices and i believe that can be the soul cause of the issues. I don’t know what i could recommend other then, have all apps closed in the background, clear your scenery cache after a flight, soft restart your device (Holding the power button and sliding it off then turning it back on) and having settings at the lowest possible option.

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I have the same issue. With my IPod, lowest settings is the way to go. Even then just try to avoid congested airports or airspace’s.

Hi @Silver_Ace
This is a common problem, it all depends on the type of your device and how much storage/ram etc you have left on your device. Infinite Flight isn’t a small app it takes up roughly 8GB. I’d advise deleting a few things you don’t need or use on your iPad or commonly re-starting your iPad and the game, small things such as this can help. I encountered the same issue when I had my old iPad mini two since then I’ve upgraded and I haven’t had any problems.

If you’re are in the market or thinking about upgrading I’d advise you have a look at this thread. It gives you detailed bits or information which could help a lot.

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Continuing on from what I said mine surprisingly takes up double… This all depends on how many recordings you have, aircraft unlocked etc.

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I currently play on my Ipad air 2 with all my settings on high. Although I have the 64 GB version (maybe you only have 32 GB of storage) I suggest making sure all apps are closed, you delete any unused apps, and check your photos to see if you can delete any (then go to permanently delete them in the “Deleted photos” album).

If the problem continues (and it says in settings that you should have enough storage) I’d either shoot a PM to staff or contact apple. Just me.

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Very useful information. Thank you. I will definitely take a look at how much storage that my photos consume, as I have over 4,000 pictures and videos in the camera roll. But earlier I partially resolved the problem. Apparently I had 26 tabs open in Safari and I was completely unaware. After closing the tabs I cleared the browser and history cache. Aforementioned, this did not resolve the whole problem, it just made my iPad run noticeably smoother and faster. It did not prevent it from sending me the message that my memory was low, which would eventually lead to my game closing itself. Now, in regards of RAM, I’ve heard there’s a way to flush the junk and unwanted things that are stored there to improve device memory. Do you know exactly how I would do that on an iPad running iOS 13?

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Yes that might help, the less apps and things you have open might be your solution.
Happy flying 😊


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