Game constantly crashing recently

Device: iPad 9th generation
Operating system: IOS 15.4.1 (Ever since I installed it, the game’s started crashing)

Hello, my game has been crashing way to often recently. I’ve don’t 6 flights in the last 3 days, 3 of which where the flight has just crashed. My ipad can run the game i know it can because there were never any issues at all before 22.2, infact before 22.1 i beeline my iPad crashed about once or twice over a year of having it. Please tell me how or what i can do to fix it. I’ve done every thing, reduce graphics, reduce airplane count, reduce textures, clear scenery cache, uninstalled and reinstalled the app. please tell me if there’s a fix or that you’re are at least working on it or can give me a solution. It’s making the sim a lot less enjoyable and i can feel myself slowly falling out of love with it. There’s no point in flying if your game is going to crash every time you do, weather that be midway through or on final.

I’ve tried everything. Everything. This has only been going on recent, like the last week or two, so the only thing left i can think of is an issue with the app and the very latest IOS [IOS 15.4 i think]. Thank you for listening to this and i hope we can come to the bottom of this :)

My device specs: Ipad 8th generation, 64G storage (only 34g used), not sure on the RAM i can’t find it anywhere :/

everything seemed perfectly fine and then suddenly:

March 23rd: PHNL-RPLL (first one) - ❌Game crashed 5hrs in

March 25th: PHNL-RPLL - ❌Game crashed 5hrs in

March 30th: OTHH-FACT - ❌Game crashed 5hrs in

March 31sf: OTHH-FACT - ❌Game crashed 7hrs in

April 3rd: OTHH-FACT - Game Crashed 7hrs in

April 3rd: HAAB-DNAA - ❌Game crashed while on final approach

April 4th: KPHX-EGLL - ❌Game crashed 9hrs in

April 4th: EDDM-OMDB - ❌ Game crashed on final approach

April 5th: DGAA-LFPG - ❌Game crashed on short final

April 6th: LFPG-MMMX - ❌Game crashed 5 hrs in. it’s not my notifications, i know that because i’ve completely disabled them, the only thing i can think of is a third party app or the new IOS messing up the app. I’m begging you to help me get to the bottom of this, i physically can not play this game anymore and it’s getting to the point where i physically don’t want to play this game anymore. I’ve totally reset my ipad as one last idea, if this doesn’t work then i’m lost.


Hey there!

Sorry you have been experiencing so frequent crashes. They have become quite wide-spread over the IFC recently.

With just a tiny bit of Googling, I managed to find that the 8th Gen iPad you use has 3GB of RAM. Your other hardware isn’t that old - your processor is just under 4 years old, so you should be able to run IF with low-medium settings - High might be too much for your iPad to handle. Storage shouldn’t cause an issue either - 30GB free is more than enough.

Looking through your reports of how far into the flight the sim has crashed, I’m starting to see a trend with when the crashes occur.

Now, back to the RAM. As mentioned above, you have just 3GB of RAM, which may likely be the root of the crashes. I’d suggest that you try a flight with all your graphics settings set to Low and no background apps running, just Infinite Flight. If that works, try setting some settings to Medium, if it doesn’t crash, then you can try setting all of the graphics settings to Medium. I would expect crashes on High, but you can still try if the previous troubleshooting steps lead to no crash. Please let me know if it does or doesn’t work.

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awesome thank you very much :) I’m going to do that now and i’ll keep you updated 👍🏼

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you can also check link down below and follow the instruction.

Good Luck!

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Thank you bro, ill check that out :)

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Uh, which one is it?

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9th generation, sorry I got mixed up :/


Thanks for the help I appreciate it :) im just a bit confused because like I said everything was totally fine and then all of the sudden, as mentioned in the post, around late march, my device just kept on crashing so that’s why im not fully convinced that id have to reduce my graphics or anything :/

Ok, so, everyone else had a different opinion than me… but here I go

I think a 6 month old apple device HAS to be able to run Infinite Flight smoothly, even on higher settings.

I really don’t think the issue is your device here…

You mentioned it kept happening after 15.4.1. Has this issue happened to anyone else on the recent update? There is no way it’s a coincidence that suddenly these crashes happen after a certain update.

After quick research, I’ve found these:

I can almost definitely say your device is more than capable of running IF on high settings. Maybe read some of the reports online and see what it says?


This is amazing, and tbh just what I wanted to hear :) Thank you so much for this I really hope this is down to it and I also want to thank everyone who made an effort to help, I appreciate the support and ill defo give this a look :))))))


Hello! I see your problem, and I have the same iPad as you! only that it is 256GB of space. And I haven’t had any problems with infinite flight! I’ll always keep my iPad near a fan so it doesn’t get hot! so I take care of the battery and at the same time there is no chance of the game crashing.

Excellent, Tuna! This is the exact reason I am still running 15.3.1 on my non-Beta devices.

iOS and iPad OS 15.4.1 are indeed having issues with constant app crashes. Poor battery life, storage issues, and lag are other issues with this update.

From what I can see in the Developer Beta logs, Apple has attempted to rectify some of these issues. They are still present, though, so don’t expect 15.4.2 too soon. Or, at the most, expect 15.4.2 to only correct some of the issues seen in 15.4.1.


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