Game App crashes after 30/40 min into flight in auto pilot

Hello Infinite Flight support team,

For the last 3 days, I have noticed that my app game in the iPad crashes after 30/40 min into flight when I am flying auto. the route was KIAH-MIA and KSAT-MMUN. This issue is now more often, and I am quite annoyed whit it. Would be good if you can advise me on whether how I can avoid this.

Thanks in advance.


What iPad do you have? Mini, 2017, etc? Are you doing anything on the iPad when it crashes?

Usually the easiest solution is to lower your graphics settings in the sim and see if that makes a difference. It is also advised to restart your device and close all back ground processes before a long flight.

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Hello Chris,

I have new ish iPad, I just left the game on auto pilot and thats it. Will try your suggestions and see if that fix the problem. Do you think the latest iOs could be the cause?


Thanks. The model will really help as not all are the same. It is advised to make sure you are on the latest iOS version.

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