Game always crashes

(I forgot the info about iPad, it was 2022 made and got in December of last year, I think it’s up to date iOS)

I’ve been playing infinite flight since I got that device, and I always restart my iPad before a flight, and close all external tabs. I used to be able to complete a 8+ hour flight everyday, but now, almost everyday, my game crashes. Yes I know to put the graphics down, but I never had to do this before. Once I did Istanbul-JFK without touching the graphics (yes it’s on 30fps all the time I mean plane count and rendering ect), but when I tried flying LaGuardia- Detroit, it crashed before I started my decent. I know this is an issue with many peoples devices since the update, BUT, my iPad did suffer some damage and has a few cracks, you can see inside the iPad from the back. Do you think this is an app issue or my iPad? I’m thinking app because I have been able to do long haul after I got the damage but before the update.

There have been many issues with iPads which I have also had. I have noticed a significant improvement which I am grateful to Infinite Flight for but I can still agree there are issues.

There should be a hotfix that will fix at least 7 crashes which will come out soon (from what I have heard).

Here is some good advice I have found:

I have an iPad 9th gen and I am stable on medium everything other than high airport object count and high plane count.

Hope this helps!

Yeah I think 9 is what I have so thanks! I’ll try flying again later

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Best of luck!

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Waiting for the hotfix to come through, I had several crashes in recent days including today from taxiing, on final and en-route.
It’s well documented here in the forum already about crashes since the 23.3 update so not gonna post or pick out specifics.


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