Game always crash when Long-Haul

I want to ask, why does my device always lag? Even though the ram is 8gb and the games are only Genshin. Last night I flew JFK-CGK for 20 hours and when in Nagoya suddenly the screen freezes and it crashes immediately, even though I have charged and cleared the cache and low graphics everything all… Then why is it still happening huh? Any specific reasons?


Hey mate,

Sometimes this can occur due to the amount of storage space left on your device. Are you able to check that for us and let us know how much storage space you have remaining/available?

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Is the device in a well ventilated area? Sometimes it can happen due to overheating.

i have 256 gb storage 60gb used

no, i put in good condition…cold

Oh this ones tough I’m not very good at the support side of IF sorry

no problem, thanks mate!

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Honestly, all I can really say is “Welcome to Infinite Flight!”

Game randomly crashes. I experienced this when I used to play a couple updates ago, and it apparently hasn’t been fixed. It has ruined a lot of flights and it’s partly why I stopped playing.

Maybe it will be addressed, maybe not. There’s not really a sure way to fix it yourself, either. So we are waiting for the devs here.

Restarting worked sometimes, sometimes not. May as well just try that.

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oh i see, so its not my device problem right?

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I don’t believe so. It’s happened to me on 3 different devices.


First of all, sorry to hear about this.

From what we can see, the last crashes caused by issues in Infinite Flight occurred on November 3rd & 7th for you. Since then we have not received any crash logs from your device (these are automatically generated and sent to us if the app fails). If the app crashed but no logs were sent, it usually means that the app was killed of by the operating system (iOS / Android depending on device). This can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common one is lack of resource (RAM, storage, internal operating system crash etc).

21.06 did in fact contain numerous crash fixes and our numbers on that is looking far better now compared to what they did in the past.

However, going for 20 hrs is generally pushing it. Infinite Flight is an app that requires quite a lot of resources from your device. And having such an app continuously running on any device can have it’s downsides.

It seems like you’ve already taken a number of precautions, which is great. But one thing i didn’t see which i strongly recommend for anyone attempting a longer flight:

Restart your device prior to taking off. This helps A LOT. Additionally, don’t fiddle with the graphic settings mid-flight. This will only cause higher resource usage.


Thank you so much sir! But actually I do many flight before the ultra long-haul flight from JFK-CGK, and i only charge my phone 10 mins… I think that is the reason my phone can get error maybe, but overall tysm for the tips! :)

I think you may be misunderstanding me.

Charging isn’t the issue. I’m talking about power off your device entirely before a long flight, then turning it back on :)

ohh okay, so we need to rest our phone ya

I believe he’s actually referring to these steps:

(If you have iPhone or iPad)

  1. Hold the power button on your phone until you see “slide to power off” come up

  2. Slide to power off and wait for the screen to go fully black, this means the phone is totally off.

  3. Press and hold again until the Apple logo comes on. In a few seconds, your phone will turn on again (you will have to enter your passcode after restarting)

Hope this helps!

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