Gamblers need transport@EDDF-131100ZFEB19

Server: Expert

Airport of departure: EDDF

Airport of Arrival: KLAS

Time: 2019-02-13T11:00:00Z2019-02-13T11:30:00Z

NOTAM: Use any generic of private aircraft and a corporate callsign
Arrival time approx., can change depending on traffic
I’ll be in a generic 777-200LR Callsign Corporate 772 Heavy
Spawn at the V106 thru V118 remote aprons

Hi! Please use the proper title formatting as listed here:


Done, thank you

Sounds like a great event, unfortunately I’m unable to join

Change to EDDF

is this a bad topic?

No, I am just guessing that for many living in the USA, it is very early. For me, it is at 3:30 AM, and on a Wednesday, which usually does not work as it is too early AND a weekday. If you want more people to join, try creating the event at least 2 weeks prior to the event and not 2 days.

Have fun!

Ok, I’m wakeing up at 5:00 so thanks for the advice. I make it like a group flight instead of a event.

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