Gamble Away | Las Vegas Harry Reid Flyout |

hey i’ld like to do this one

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event is one hour

spawn in 30 please

Sorry I can’t come 😖


Same here sadly sorry

I can no longer join unfortunately

Where is everyone

@Matt @Cole_Woodard @Harrison_S @alexNine99 @Ryan_15 @RagonDragon @anon38552190 @ODFly @Lingling89 @MrGoatX @Mort @USPilot @ayyjay

Im here!!!

On my way in from LA, currently descending out of FL260

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@Ryan_15 Where you at?

Missing his event as usual


That America West all over the place lol

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Uhh, my game will not let me push back…

Start engines and taxi out of gate ig

Etihad 220 Heavy is loaded and pushing back

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Ok. Let’s try this again

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That wind is not nice on takeoff


wow wind was intense in the heavy a330, guys germany over and out i’m going to bed once i reach FL350

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Thanks for hosting in spirit @Ryan_15 and big thanks to @Butter575 for the wonderful ATC, off to Detroit.

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Hey I won’t have time to fly out but at least I flew in thanks guys