Galaxy to iPhone

Moving from Galaxy 2 iPhone, i Downloaded the App again but i have to rebuy everything.
My Account is correctly working, xp…but Not the airplanes…any Button or workflow for that?

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You have to purchase it again if you are moving from Android to iOS or iOS to Android


Only Live and live plus subsribtions can be transfered, but no other IAPs

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Not fair, i mean why? In IF’s database are all my information… which plane, buyed or not, there is a Database query, Its a Signal for the runnig Session…

It’s like buying a game for a Playstation, you get the Playstation version, but if you also want to play it on an Xbox you’ll have to purchase it for the Xbox


The world sucks, doesn’t it?

Like what @david said, think of the Galaxy and the iPhone as two video game consoles. Let’s compare the two devices to the PS4 and the Xbox One. Firstly, the PS4 is way different from the Xbox One, like the Galaxy is way different from the iPhone, right? Secondly, let’s say that you have a PS4 and a Playstation account, and if you are switching to an Xbox One, think about this. How would you transfer all your games from the Playstation to the Xbox? It’s impossible to do that. Same with the Galaxy and the iPhone. You have a Google Play account on your Galaxy, and you wanna transfer all your purchases to the iPhone? Not really gonna happen. The PS4 and the Xbox One is developed by two different brands. The PS4 is developed by Sony and the Xbox One is developed by Microsoft. Similar concept with the Galaxy and the iPhone. The Galaxy is developed by Samsung and the iPhone is developed by Apple. In conclusion, you can’t really transfer all your data from a Galaxy to the iPhone. I know that sucks, but you have to start all over again. In Infinite Flight, you can only transfer your subscription because your Google/Facebook account has all the information about the subscription. If you have Live+, lucky you! You get everything for free (not for a very long time). If you have Live, I guess you have to start over :/

If you have any questions regarding your Live subscription, please PM @david


mple sentence saying, sucks, not gonna happen would have also sufficed. Keep it short and to the point. Lel

Ugh these topics do my head in

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lol idk XD it should really be changed XD

Good luck. You’d be asking two competing companies to share their profits with each other. That defeats the whole purpose of different platform options at the very root. Never going to happen. Might as well ask Safeway to share their company profits with Kroger. No chance.


If the only way you can do cross platform support is through the website why don’t you also sell the IAPs through the website too?

Think about what you just wrote, then think about again it and then see if you realize your mistake there.

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lol tbh i dont think what i said makes sense XD brb ill change it

Subscriptions such as Live & Live+ are like Spotify Premium not tied to platform. If you buy Live via iOS, you also have the Live subscription in Android. IAP’s are always tied to platform though. I don’t think i’ve ever seen someone “give” away IAP’s between platform, and it wouldn’t make any sense either as Apple charge commission.

Yeh but selling off of the website means that the source company dodges having to pay commission

It won’t work. Apple won’t allow it for sure. You don’t think companys would have done it already if it they did? Instead of losing 30% commision to Apple. Come on, think one step further ;)

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I know XD but we have to hope right? Wouldnt be the first time a company dodges charges

There’s no way this will ever happen. It’s like hoping for a Unicorn to serve your breakfast in bed.