Galaxy tab a boost?

hello ifc! i wanted to know if you can boost performance (so that it doesn’t lag on high graphics) on the SM-T555… any help would be great

That should be a good device for IF. I would check the device compatibility thread just to make sure though.

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it keeps lagging on high graphics tho… the compability thread somehow doesn’t match up

20.1 was a pretty big update and it also brought an uptick of users active on it. I’d go ahead and lower your graphics settings and possibly your airplane count depending on if you’re flying into a busy airport or not.

the last time i used it was 19.4

I’m a bit confused, are you currently running 20.1 or 19.4? Just to clarify :)

i mainly use my s10 but that has it’s own problems… i kinda forgot about this tablet… but the a350 and a320 live cockpit made the lag double…

Well, that’s to be expected with more content added per update. If you lower your graphics settings and turn off anti-aliasing, you should be good to go.

well yeah but i prefer higher graphics tho

In that case you’re going to have to pick between lag or lower graphics. Unfortunately it’s one or the other at this point.

oof… welp… i guess i have no choice still laggy on low graphics and i’m not allowed to get a new tablet… bummer…

Have you tried downloading more RAM?

Hey there! Are you referring to this tablet?

I have the same tablet (typing on it right now) and I’ve given up on IF. It’s just outdated and any other effort to make it work is vain…

Must agree. If it is the one linked above, I am currently using the SM-T510, has slightly better specifications but won’t let IF work without bad lag, so only time I use it is when controlling because of a larger screen.


maybe i will get a 2019 10,2’’ iPad (not sure tho)

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If I were you, I would try going for a more expensive model, or the most expensive you can afford, because usually iPad’s and some Apple products might be expensive upfront, but they become very cheap in the long run. I have an iPad Air 2, and it still works great in IF, even with 20.1 and the fact that this tablet released 6 years ago.

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