Galaxy S8 works flawlessly with IF!

Not my super cheap £30 phone… I think what you meant was any decent phone can run IF well. My other phone (iPhone 5s) runs IF amazingly though.

That’s good to know, I’m considering getting a new Samsung device.

Yh sorry should be clearer. My Amazon phone runs it extremely well and it cost me £150. My point being the Samsung costs more than £400. But if you want good graphics and a high run speed the Samsung is good. Get a phone with at least 16gb storage and at LEAST 2gb of ram otherwise you will experience lag online when at an airport or approach with many aircraft…

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Yeah, I knew what you meant. But this is the internet and some people take stuff the wrong way. And take it too literally.

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Well you know, my Nokia brick runs IF exceptionally well if you know what i mean…

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yh there is no surprise here.

I use a gs7 and it runs IF extremely well on max settings with no lag ever.

You’ve tried it in live right ? Any fps drop or low fps during takeoffs and landings with traffic ?

There are definitely FPS drops. Don’t say that there are not…

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I haven’t noticed any. This Friday’s event will be the big test.

Thanks,let me know as soon as you’re totally sure.

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