Galaxy S8 works flawlessly with IF!

Purchased the next big thing earlier this week, and boy is it great. The rendering that can be seen on all aircraft is marvelous. I especially love the performance; not a single issue during flights.

I’d say it’s going to be the best android option for Global, but too each their own!

Pictures of the beautiful spitfire.


Good to know, the one thing I don’t like about the s8 is the weird aspect ratio.


It’s definitely taking some getting used to.

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After clicking the multi-task button, you can make Infinite Flight fit to the screen by clicking the green button!

Another GS8 user here :-)


Good job not being a snitch and covering up that F-14s name because I’m pretty sure his plane doesn’t belong at TFFJ. 😂


I found that earlier yesterday. It’s awesome. It’s so many other options for gaming.

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I was on the casual server. Sometimes you have to take a jet to the smallest island around and take a couple laps around the pattern.

Thanks for the information, now I’m convinced to buy it.

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Do it did it do it!!!

It’s going to be the most expensive android option for Global.


I agree, nonetheless the best!

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Enjoy your new device, if you had an older one you appreciate newer devices much more when they can provide better graphics on IF


Two things

1: you should have waited for the Note 8 as the s pen helps guarantee accuracy when sending commands as a controller especially as a radar controller as far the drag and vector feature is concerned. And the Note line will have the latest and greatest chip set from Samsung.

2: I’m not sure that this thread helps the Community with anything IFC related. But before it’s closed you could turn the thread into a thread like “my new IF device” or something this way everyone can post new purchases here only if that type of thread doesn’t exist already. Try searching and making a decision.

That’s all

I find that the S7 is also a great device for IF, I run everything on max with no issues! Gotta love Android :P


I run infinite on a Motorola. My main is run on an Amazon tablet and it runs at the highest graphics settings and i get little lag online. Pretty good considering it’s nearly 2 years old…

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My air 2 is perfect and it’s more then two years old, the Air I hear is also the same. Maybe get an iPad next time as it seems they have a much longer life


The kindle has surprising graphics but the battery drains…

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Asus Zenpad 4RAM(device) works perfect! Asus Zenpad 2RAM(device-mine) works good!

All android devices ( regardless if their version) can run if very well…

I’m not all impressed by the graphics in the s8 though… I find other, considerably cheaper devices can run it the same, if not at a higher quality. Don’t kill me but that’s what i think as an Amazon user…