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Hello Folks,

For those of you using a Galaxy S8 Plus, what mode do you play Infinite Flight on? Normal or Game mode? And do you noticed any difference between the two?

Will you elaborate more on this please? Thank you :)

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The device comes with something call Game mode which supposedly make games run smoother but I tried it and to be honest didnt notice anything different to the normal mode. Wanted to see the opinion other users with the device have

Some Samsung devices have a game mode which allocates resources to graphics.

I had that mode on my old tablet but never really saw a difference. That was before global though.

Game mode just ups the resolution and allocates more CPU space to assist the GPU. It doesnt help with your RAM capacity or connection

Although I have Samsung S7+ I tried searching for “Game Mode” which i didnt find…
Although if you want “Smooth Graphics” I know a way…
Just enable Developer mode and enable “Force GPU rendering” It increased my Antutu Benchmark results from 87000 to 128000

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The game mode is to help you conserve battery by limiting frames per second. If has an option I graphics setting to limit frames to .30

It makes IF smoother on my Note 8. Burns through a hell of a lot quicker than it usually would, mind.

Is this only for the plus models? I have the S8 and I dont know :P

No, even LG phones have it, it should be in battery

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That is interesting. Does your battery drains faster with that on?

Yes, but not that much…

I have the S7 and can’t see any difference.

The S8 does have it.

I use it but mainly to disable notifications so I can have uninterrupted flying/controlling

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@ThomasR uses the S8 plus, and I have summoned him with a tag so he should be able to answer your questions 🙂

Battery then game battery saver

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