Galaxy S6 Crashing Issue

Galaxy S6 crashes about 10 times a week.

Does the phone crash or IF crashes?
Also, please write down the OS version and if its rooted

IF crashes
The os is 5.1.1 non rooted

Those dang samsungs again.

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There should be more than three models of Samsung Galaxy S6, which one do you own?

Yep, you know my story.

As its been said, Samsung’s are the problem child of IF :/

Try restarting your device and see if it still crashes, Make sure you have no background apps open

I hope FDS don´t remove IF from Android though.

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If IF keeps crashing, delete the data and dowload everything again. It´ll be as a new game.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and IF hasn’t crashed once.

Its it only crashing on android. It’s crashing on the latest iPhone software also.