Galaxy S10 keeps crashing

Since a few weeks my Galaxy S10 does freeze during the game, and then does a reboot.

I’m running on Android 10, with all IF settings to medium, but the game still does crash at random moments.
Like i said, it does crash at random moments, during taxi, on high altitude, on final, and even if the plane is still on the parking.

I did try the sky camera option, looks like it does help during long hauls, but after some hours flight and need the HUD for landing, it does freeze and reboot.
I deleted the game, and installed again, but that did not help, even a complete factory reset did not help.

More S10 users with tha same problem?


This is a known issue with the S10. It will be fixed eventually.


I hope it will, do stop my subscription after this month because it is not workable, but i also want to continue flying, but not like this.

@RGJ1987 can I just clarify, does your device have the Exynos CPU or the Snapdragon CPU? Thanks!

not good to hear since my new s10+ is arriving later today.

I play on a note 10+ not sure the exact ver no but latest software and havent noticed any issues but i havent flown for more than 2-3 flights since i got the phone (not sure if it is just longer flights or not)

You may have the Snapdragon CPU. I believe that it is the Exynos CPU which is the troublesome one.


Possibly i actually have no idea not that tech savy
(Googled it apparently its the snapdragon one)
Sorry cant be more help
(2nd edit i was wrong used CPU Z app i have exynos)

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i got a exynos s10+… hope that they found a fix and are gonna release it in the version 20 timeline 20.1/.2/.3 etc.

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The devs are currently trying to fix it and will release a hotfix when its all sorted.

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This might help:

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We know what the issue is tied to, and it’s currently only the 10 series (S10, S10+, Note 10, Note 10+) models that have the issue. It doesn’t affect newer or older devices. That’s the good news.

The bad news is we don’t have a fix for it yet. The issue is not exactly the same as it is with the iOS devices, this issue causes the device to completely lock up and restart. Of course everyone will be kept updated, it just affects less people which makes it a bit harder to get more information on it 🤷

@RGJ1987 thanks for clarifying. Unfortunately yours is one of the devices that are affected currently. There isn’t really a workaround as such, but will definitely keep you informed if anything does come up


Exynos 9820 CPU

hey there @RGJ1987 its a common thing for samsungs to reboot for no reason remedies for this problem can be
holding power off button
then hold down on the screen power off button until a safe mode icon comes up than click on it
this gives your phone the ability to flush out unwanted stuff and will improve your phone performance
note turn safe mode on for at least an hour or overnight
to disable it simply restart your phone

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