Galaxy A5 with Logitech Joystick control

I am using galaxy A5 and trying to use joystick but when I tap show device my galaxy A5 could not detect my logitech joystick. Im using micro usb hub as recommended but still failed.

Is there anybody using same smart phone(galaxy A5)? Maybe my galaxy could not detect any external device. Help me please

I think you mean Galaxy S5

Edit: Galaxy A5 is a real phone, just found out

No, there is a phone named Samsung Galaxy A5 too.

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Yeah, just found out

Im using galaxy A5 only.

I just found out that galaxy device does not have OTG support.

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@Fairulrizwan do you have a pc?

Is it the A5 from 2015 or is it the 2016 Version?

No i only have laptop. If i have PC u have any suggestion how i can solve this problem?

A5 for 2015 version. lollipop. I google and find out that android with kit kat should work with OTG

Please help me @carmalonso

@Fairulrizwan on your laptop install an app called live flight connect, once you have done this inform me and I will help you with the next steps

I just installed it. What is the next step?

go to infinite flight and go to settings

Ok done. whats next?

@Fairulrizwan scroll down to too the bottom and there should be a tab saying ‘enable live flight connect’ please enable that

OK done. whats next? Thanks broo

@Fairulrizwan open up your live flight connect on your laptop, you still have to have the infinite flight app open on your phone

I already open that. Whats next?