GALAHAD takes to the skies

First time using this category, this morning I took a short flight from Manchester to Dublin, flight time was 59 mins, would like to say thank you to all the controllers, and approach vectored me in beautifully. GALAHAD is the callsign which I use and for those who have watched the Kingsman films may know, that is why my name is usually “Manners Maketh Man” plus I think it looks awesome. This flight was on expert and in the BAW 763 which is a handful to say the least.


Pretty nice, good job for your first in the category.

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Why was this flagged ?

How are you floating in picture two?

Awesome shots mate, keep it up.

He’s not, he’s… landing.

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It looked like he was taxing.

Look below the aircraft and you’ll see the shadow.

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That’s why I said, is he floating.