Gaining XP for long distances

Hello, I am new at the infinite flight world as from yesterday. I already mamaged to also buy the subscription to play on live servers. I am not a pilot, but I love planes and how to maintain them, so this game was really must have.

As I am tottaly new in this game, I don’t know mamy things, you know. For now I would like to know, if longer flight distances between airports is giving me more XP on live servers. I want to know, so I will decide if it’s better just to do loops on one airport, or to fly like in real world between 2-3 points.

I hope you understand what I mean. Sorry if this topic was already discussed here.



XP is calculated based on time, not distance flown. So, it doesn’t matter where you fly, just how long you fly


Long flights are not the answer to XP. Doing Touch and Goes in a windy environment, is the answer

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Welcome to the community, I suggest you should check this post out.

Regarding your question, XP is given out depending on the flight time and landings performed. If you were to remain in the pattern (staying at an airport performing touch and go’s on a runway) you would gain a lot of XP because you have performed multiple landings.

So wind affects how much XP you get?

Yes, landing in high winds will give you more XP

Welcome to the Community! Here’s some XP tips from @Chris_S

Welcome to the forum @Roman_Bartik! As of your question, XP is based upon flight time, and I’m going to help you further but making a couple of quick suggestions. 1. Choose long distance aircraft, like the Boeing 747-8, and Boeing 787-8, as these are effective long distance aircraft. 2. Choose good routes, like the Los Angles to Tokyo Narita route or the San Francisco to Sydney Kingsford route! If you have any further questions, select my profile picture, and select the message button, and I hope to see you in the skies!

@nativetoalaska and @William_Armstrong XP is calculated based on time but also on landings. You gain more XP from 10 mins of touch and goes than 10 mins of cruise.

@Roman_Bartik Go to an empty airport on casual and fly patterns, doing touch and goes, to get the most XP


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