Gained Violations nothing i could do.

I was flying EGLL to LGAV and my trim was playing up the entire flight, when I started my decent the front of the aircraft was trimmed very high up for no reason. I kept disengaging the AP and but it didn’t change a thing. At around 12,000feet I tried disengaging it again this is when it went into a nose dive and broke the 250KPH speed barrier below 10,000 I had to re calibrate my screen and then try and save the nose dive, by the time i had done this i had gained 3 violations. Is there anyway these can be taken away as there is nothing I could have done and it means I have to wait 7 days to fly again for no real reason.


Do you remember your trim at the time of descent, near 12000ft, before earning the violations?

Violations won’t be removed unless it was the apps fault. You stating the recalibration issue states it wasn’t the apps fault. However there’s some measures that can be taking. As aircraft in IF anyways will always stabilize no matter what the trim. Unless you had the bobbing issue with the A321 i believe it is. Furthermore, before disengaging AP make sure you calibrate your device.


I didn’t have a trim set which is why it was weird.

I was in the A321 and I can assure you i flew the flight just like any other flight, which tells me maybe it was the game?

You can share your replay. Maybe you were descending too quickly? The first violation appears after 20 seconds of the warning. The next violation is 20 seconds after that and so on every 20 seconds.

Aaa just watched it back I accidentally had my VS set to -3000🤦🏻‍♂️Sorry Lads.


Glad it got figured out