GAF : Welcome to the Dragon Den!

This month, half the GAF Force has been deployed to Afghanistan. During for what some of us call our first tour, a special squadron of the Corps is developed to create “The Worlds Finest Attack Pilots”. All the photo’s you see are from exercises and some limited to missions. All the photos you are about to see were taken by the CC XO 1st Lt. Vidad of the 357th A-10 Squadron.The pictures are from both refueling and recon mission all in 1 flight! If you are looking to be apart of something bigger than yourself, definitely join our Dragon Family! We are currently deployed at Afghanistan for this Photo permission granted by Gen. Andrew Sneed


  • Dragons flying in formation during aerial refueling after recon


  • Dragons flying in diamond formation towards recon area

  • 2 Dragons returning to base after stressful exercises

  • Dragon 3’s view of recon area

  • Dragon1 parked next to ANVIL55 at Kabul

  • Dragon 1 landing runway 05 at Kandahar

  • Dragon1 and DIAMOND departing runway 05 enroute to Recon area

Special thanks to @Tajay , @ZaneDavis and McNeal for making this exercise and mission happen!


Been a real pleasure acting as Regional Combatant Commander, bringing a new vision to GAF deployments and showing a new, innovative way of executing around the world.

No more do we rely on imaginary products, onky global supply chains keep our frontline aircraft fighting fit and with enough munitions and fuel to execute daily operations.

These photos do notdo justice to the number of flights seen! Amazing images from a monumental deployment!

Global Air Force - the only VO that brings reality to the simulation.


Working with the Euro Forces really is a pleasure and great honor!