GAF RAAF Op Bushfire Assist | Ash Rand's Photo Compilation V4


To my 4th Photo compilation, this time we have a look at the GAF RAAF’s support to Operation Bushfire Support. Basically the flight went as follows; TROJ02 departed RAAF Base Richmond (YSRI), flew down the NSW south coast towards Malacoota with supplies for the fire ravaged town. Dropped them off then continued to RAAF Base East Sale (YMES) to stay the night then continue the next day.

The Pilots

C130J Pilot: Group Captain @Ash_Rand

Now for the good bit, the photos!

Trojan 2 on final in a very smoky Malacoota.

Trojan 2 unloading the supplies.

Rotating out of Malacoota.

Landed Safely in East Sale, taxiing to the ramp.

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Also, these busfires are a real thing that is affecting many many people and animals alike. Please considering donating to the NSW RFS , the Salvos or WIRES there are many more but I thought I might help you out with a few :)


Great pictures, bad situation 😔

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