GAF RAAF AAR | Ash Rand's Photo Compilation V3


To my 3rd Photo compilation, this time we have a look at a GAF RAAF Air to Air Refilling sortie. It started with us departing RAAF Base Richmond (YSRI), flying over Sydney Airport (YSSY) then turning out over the ocean to refuel then finally returning back to base.

The Pilots

KC-10 Pilot: Pilot Officer @Pilotcorn09

C-17/A Pilot: Group Captain @Ash_Rand

Now for the good bit, the photos!

STAL02 Requesting Refuel. STAL02 Cleared Contact.


Boom is Clear.

RTB. DRGN03 wheels down.  

DRGN03 Clear of all runways. STAL02 lands behind.

STAL02 Shuts down for the arvo as DRGN03 prepares to depart for Ex. High Sierra in Townsville.

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Amazing photos Ash! It was fun flying with you


Really cool photos Ash, keep up the good work 👍

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@Pilotcorn09 | Thanks mate, it was very good!

@Vinne | Cheers mate!

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Amazing pictures especially the 5th one 😃

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Cheers Manav!

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Nice photos mate! Hope to fly again with you sometime, the C130, KC-10 and C-17 would be a great combination. 😉

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For sure Luke! We’ll have to get everyone together in a big formation :)

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Looks very hard, never been able to do that. Amazing job here!

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